Saturday – AM
Good morning. Not sure why I’m awake already. the horses are used to being fed by now – I’ll go out in a minute and bring them down to the house for breakfast, then maybe back to bed. Woke up with 3 of the cats on the bed. they haven’t been sleeping with me lately because they are so active at night and I don’t sleep well with them in there. Last night let them cuddle up for awhile and never got up to shut them out. Peanut got shoved out of my face once that I remember, after that she was content to curl up by my right shoulder and be quiet. they are pretty good as far as cats go to lay down and stay there. They know if they wake me up, they get booted out. Juice sleeps by my right foot, Booda by my left-on my robe. Not sure where Jackie was. She’s been more of a snuggler during the day for some reason. I need to make a vet appointment for her and Juice before I leave.

I digress. I’m tired. Dreams of my pending trip and Eric. I want him to find his happiness. He told me “I don’t want to work”. Well, nobody wants to work unless they have found that thing that they are meant to do and then its not work! He has found music. It just doesn’t pay well. I am not sure if he has a realistic view of what it takes to succeed as a musician but I’ll give him this. That child is blessed with opportunities. He’s funny and charming, talented, kind and stubborn. I hope he is determined enough to grab hold of his dream and never let go. I’m a little concerned?, maybe not the right word interested in Lily’s role in his life. They have been together 4 years, have known each other since he was 12 and she stabilizes him. I have more respect for her following through on giving up everything including her job that she loves, the home they just bought last year, her cat, her cars and moving away from her family to be with him. When they first started dating this was their dream to live on the road, camping around the country. She needs security and he gives her one kind of security in fully accepting her as she is and loving her with everything that’s in him.

I should never have watched Swamp Wars, its skewed my expectations of my trip. I’ll be looking for snakes under every bush and blade of grass. I hope to go on a sea turtle rescue and at least will check out the facility. I’m getting excited about my possible surfing hosts and a little nauseous too. Its great to have people stay with me – in my comfort zone and I wonder how it will be to stay with others – out of my comfort zone. lol Agh. I have to pack, shop and still work 50 hours this week.

I cannot wait to get back to the ocean. I’ll be taking mom’s ashes with me to take out to sea at some point-finally. It’s not California but like I told Eric “its the ocean and she’ll get around there eventually’. She’s been staying out of my dreams but when I open the drawers occasionally I have the sensation that she’s getting impatient. I’ll ship her down with the box I’m sending ahead, she won’t go on the plane with me. I was looking for a couch in Ft Lauderdale last night. They have a naked beach down there. I should have expected to find a lot of gay men since Michael gets so animated when he talks about the city and I’m good with that. I sent out a couple of requests and am not picky about the gender of my potential host. This isn’t a dating trip for me I’m looking forward to meeting some really interesting people and that what couch surfing is all about. Its kind of like living another lifetime vicariously through someone elses experiences. Since we only have one life to spend its a great way to expand your understanding.

Alright. Finally running out of words and starting to yawn again. 0710 I think I’ll go out and bring the ponies down for breakfast, then go back to bed for a couple more hours. I haven’t committed to taking the laptop with me, but I’m leaning that way. I’m concerned about getting it damaged or having it stolen-that would really blow….too bad I didn’t get a little net book for myself for the trip!

Be well my friends.
All My Love


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