Prayer Luke 12:51

I left my prayer journal at work so was not able to review it this morning. Instead I chose a book mark and read a few stories. This line will be with me today for reflection.
Luke 12:52  Do you suppose that I came to give peace on earth? I tell you, not at all, but rather division.

Met roomies boyfriend last night. Really nice guy and I hope that they continue to grow and be happy with each other. He’s kind, thoughtful, intelligent, respectful and has a sense of humor. He is very comfortable visiting and confident in himself.

Last night after work was a model appreciation party and I took time to go. It’s mostly a sale disguised as a party and I was able to get 5 new blouses for under $50. Two of them I had almost modeled in the spring and loved the one but the show always falls between paydays for me, so I usually don’t buy the outfits that I model. The next show is March 16.  Meanwhile, I still need dress pants!! I think I’ll go to the Dress Barn where I bought my absolutely favorite dress pants several years ago and they still almost look new despite wearing them at least once a week every week. I’ll get a pair in brown, gray and pin stripe if they make them. I’m not a clothes horse so my closet still has space in it and I can see the walls. Since I moved many more garments have made their way to the Salvation Army bin including a white sweater I bought less than a year ago that I accidentally washed with a pair of dark jeans. I wore it enough to have enjoyed it, but it really wasn’t very flattering anyway. I only have clothes left that I enjoy wearing, look good and are in good condition…I need to make a trip to the Bali store before I leave for my Gulf Coast Light House tour (adding 7 more states to my “saw it” list). I’m excited about the last group that I plan to see – Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska and Virgin Islands and may take a leave in order to spend a month rotation on those or maybe a cruise just before or around my 50th Birthday.

OMG I just realized that leaves me walking the Camino de Santiago around my 51st or 52nd birthday!!  [chills] Which is the first International trip I want to make.  I need to bust it!

Have a Blessed day everyone. I just heard my alarm to get out of the house, still need to let the ponies out and get to work.
All My Love


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