Rape part II

Along the same lines as my last post I had an interesting and completely un-nerving conversation with a co-worker last night when it got slow. The topic finances. Very few will argue that the US is in a deep hole that it is not possible to get out of as long as our beloved elected officials keep throwing the wool over the problem, increasing taxes to pay for spending instead of growing balls and spending within their means. That however, is a reflection of the American attitude about debt. We are so far in denial about the problem that the solution is blindingly obvious and everyone is so focused on “getting their own” and maintaining the status quo that any time someone splashes them with a dose of reality they race around with chickens sans heads until the accuser shuts up…and then they go back to doing what they want to do. For example – I give you the fiscal cliff. The “solution” was to postpone making the hard choices while continuing spending, effectively making the problem the next mans mess.

We were discussing personal responsibility though. I am a staunch supported of Dave Ramsey’s attitudes about money. Never pay a bank to borrow your own money, grow a pair and live on a budget within your means, pay off all your debts and live like no one else. In my opinion he is right on the money (ha) when it comes to money, but as Dave says “I didn’t say it, its in the bible”. It is. Everything you ever wanted to know about money is in the bible. The rich rules over the poor and the borrower is slave to the lender.

I digress. We were discussing these principles especially regarding purchasing a car, car payments and discipline to which my acquaintenance says its too much to expect of most people to live on a budget, life happens and things fall apart.

[This post was interupted mid day – will try to get back to it this evening]


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