Broken Foot?

Speculating that I have broken my right foot. I did walk a lot today in my favorite shoes that aren’t necessarily best for my feet. At the least I believe I’ve strained something in the top of my right foot where there majority of the pain is. Thank God my grandfather made canes and my mother had a number of them in her estate. I’m using one of them tonight and its at least allowing me to get around the house. Eric stopped 3 times today to pick up stuff. he and Lily have been talking and it sounds like shes going to go with him. At least he seemed happy and what more do you want for your child?

Today I went through the training and picked up my first route for AniMeals, a non profit organization here in town that delivers food to pets of people who are housebound. I mapped my route and the estimated delivery time was 40 minutes. When I came home I asked Pete the pack horse to help bring all the groceries to the house for me – he was so good! At one point though when he had 4 bags on him, he decided to take them on over to the house without me. He did stop midway and waited for me. He seems to have calmed down a great deal this year, I plan to start working him periodically with the hopes of possibly riding again next year – this time with appropriate guidelines using Parelli. I just can’t handle taking that toss again. I have learned how to go at his pace now though. After I fed the ponies I came in and put the groceries away, took a hot bath and watched Brave (twice).

Eric stopped right after I had dinner ready so he had a plate and bless his heart went out and tucked the ponies into their paddock for me.

Now I’m watching the Brit Coms and finishing up my paperwork – closing 2012 – that I started this morning.

Have a blessed day!
All My Love


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