Happy New Year 2013 and other things

Hello, my friends.
Welcome to 2013 and I’m happy to be with you today. I am sitting at the kitchen table torn with wanting to have to go out and feed the birds and fix the fence. I know that once I get out there time will fly and I will have to leave. It was a quiet New Year all I wanted to do was be home by myself. I’ve been feeling a lot of that lately – just wanting to be home and by myself. Peanut is stretched up on the window trying to play with all the birds outside.

I start 2013 with some health issues that are very concerning to me and will be getting them addressed with my doc asap. I am also working 50+ hours still and thankful for the money and feels like I have no time for myself. I saw the Hobbit last weekend and really enjoyed the movie but think I will go see it in 3D. I’m pleasantly surprised at how close to the book they managed to keep the film.

The horses blew out of the gate yesterday and were found in the neighbors yard after reportedly roaming the roads – no injuries, thank God.
Birds are calling and I need to fix the gate then take my sons Xbox in to sell this morning. He is preparing to leave Iowa and strike out for his dreams. I’m happy to see him going for it.

Here is an article that I read this morning that was sad but encouraging.
Be well everyone.

“I think those are the hallmarks of great people, people that have strong points of view and firmly held convictions.”
Pioneer Gerda Lerner


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