Turning Point or Year of Jubilee?

I’ve been busting out the hours at work for 6 or 8 weeks, 50+ hours as [Praise Adonai]. This post may be interrupted by singing. You can’t hear it but I have a DVD in that is moving me. So I’ve been working like crazy to keep up with expenses, feed my hungry hippos, get debt free and I come home on the weekends, clean up after the hungry hippos, train them, love on them and enjoy having them. In between keep the house, manage the money, sleep and care for myself.

Today is my first dedicated Saturday in ages to stay in, sleep in and love the day. I invited a couple of friends over earlier this week, then changed my mind and asked them to come over later, then when I got up decided early company would be ok. I have truly enjoyed the morning with no friends, no pressures and just doing what I feel like this morning. [Are you Lord, God, Almighty?]


Later that day…

Its 10:51 and I’m watching Christmas shows. We had a nice visit this afternoon. I enjoyed watching the horses and the birds this afternoon, watched 2 movies, cleaned the kitchen and took a long hot bath.


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