What you see is what you get. This is a term used with one of the first spread sheeting softwares created. Lotus? I don’t remember the name for certain. It was many years ago that I used this program. It’s always reminded me of me. I think I am mostly if not entirely genuine. I’ve learned in later years in life to be kinder and gentler without sacrificing my honesty. Although I admit that I have become more private about things in the last decade than I had anticipated earlier in life. I miss Tom. I told him when we broke up that he would be the man I would appreciate in my 40’s. I’m sorry he chose not to live.

The prompt for this post title is an acquaintance of mine. The mother of one of my closest friends. She represents everything about the “African American” culture that we have ever discussed. My friend built her home recently – it’s beautiful. They moved in Friday and I went over Saturday and Sunday to help unpack and get them settled. It was lots of fun seeing them happy and excited. Helping to decorate the girls rooms and sort clothes. Sunday I went back over and we put up curtain rods. She hasn’t accumulated the tools necessary to do basic repairs yet so I took all of mine I thought might be necessary. When it was time to go her mom helped me carry things to the car. I’m amused so the next paragraph is expressed in mirth, not disgust. She took a big armload out to the car for me, set it on the ground, turned around and went back in the house and locked me out. Normally it would be normal – but there were still tools stacked inside against the wall that needed to be brought out too. She knew they were there because she helped put them there. The action resembles what I’ve heard expressed in regards to the southern “Bless Your Heart”, which as its been reported can intend a rainbow of meanings.

What I’ve noticed hanging out with the family and other friends in the circle is the practice conscious or not of deceipt. I certainly understand the roots of the habit during slave ownership in a time when honesty could be lethal. I don’t expect everyone to agree or to like one another all the time. It simply is an observation and taking into account attitudes that remain today in the zebra community (black and white, I’m not making a derogatory statement) it’s amazing that we’ve found any peace at all. We watched Madea’s Witness Protection on Sat and one line was stating the history of the community ending on African American and I said to her mom “maybe one day we will all just be Americans”. That’s how it is for me know because I took the time to become friends and to be a friend.

In high school there were two families in our district and they were just known by their names. Both students that were in my class later went into law enforcement and still are. When will we leave the past behind and just love one another for who we are and what we contribute to the nation?

On another note. There is a tufted titmouse (bird) that just flew to the feeder by the window. Beautiful. The cats are going bananas having the birds soooo close to the house where they can see. Tails are twitching like crazy as they sit on the sill or just below it pearing at the birds (now 2 of them, a sparrow, a junco and a third I don’t recognize). We also have 4 varieties of woodpeckers that come to ur feeders. The view is spectacular. I have a meeting this morning at church and have to let the ponies ut yet. Birds are lined up on the branches outside. I moved in July kicking and screaming that I didn’t want to give up my little house and wasn’t sure if I would be as happy here. I can honestly say now I’m even happier. I hope this trent continues through the last 50 years, I’ve certainly had my share of sorrows and am glad to tell them good bye.

I saw my brother-in-laws brother yesterday and we talked for quite awhile. My sister is apparently doing well. She had to put her little pony mare down last fall. Bambi was around 35 years old.


All My Love


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