207 Countries

Love this very short article and I am honestly a little jealous that he beat me to it 🙂 and in only 4 years.

207 Countries

I’m finishing a project on Thursday that was started about 6 months ago and am getting very exited and a little anxious about it. I am always surprised with the end result of a painting and I see it in my head but once we get it on the wall it will as they do take on a life of their own. I’ll post a photo.

I’ve been quiet this week because I’ve simply been living instead of writing about living. We had family out for Thanksgiving and I spent the weekend with several different friends, checked in with my mother in law and got to spend an hour with my son. On Friday night I saw Breaking Down Part 2 and on Saturday Life of Pi in 3D. Both very good movies.

My son.
I am so proud of him. I stopped on Sunday afternoon to drop off some mail for him and he played a song for me that he wrote. It’s played on 4 different tracks on a loop repeater device, so he plays the first line (repeat) records the second line over it (repeat) etc. It hit me how far he’s come. There was a time when I honestly thought I would be planning his funeral and having to let him go. 18 months or so ago I set him out into the world – sink or swim. It was easily one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever made. He didn’t speak to me for about a year. In that time he decided to find his life, give up drugs, immersed himself in music, stopped smoking, got fired from a job he loved due to a misunderstanding over a $1 tip, went unemployed for a couple of months and now works 2 jobs. He got engaged and most recently bought his first house and he’s talking about college. WOW. Never steal your child’s thunder. I cried and held him so close and finally felt like my little boy was back into his own. WOW

We wrote a dream list for his studio and he kept saying “this one’s cheap” or “that’s only $50”. I told him there is an appropriate time to accept good enough. When you are writing your dream list there should be no limit. Don’t monitor your dreams by the money you have today because money flows and when you want it to flow to you have to invite it in and by having big dreams you sometimes get exactly what you asked for and you don’t want that to be dollar store quality you want that to be AAA+ Top Quality.

Ciao my friends.
Love you.


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