Take The Gravel Home

I first heard this song by The 100’s a local band and it’s playing now.

I spent a nice morning with Autumn. We did chores together and she got to be in a stall and eat some hay without being pestered by the other horses or having to feel the need to defend her food. Callie was upset because she’s out by herself on the other side of the fence and she’s very insecure without Autumn. She cried and ran around but it won’t hurt her to be separated for a while. I’ve used several trainers Lyons, Parelli, Cox and this morning admitted, though I’ve known it a really long time that the method doesn’t really matter it’s spending time and building a relationship if you want to achieve the kind of results I’m looking for. Bareback and bridleless Cowboy Mounted Shooting… we may never attain that but it’s been my goal for several years, I just haven’t made the commitment it takes to get there. She’s coming up to the gate now. She’s in the little paddock separate from the herd. She needs to learn to rely on me as her leader. Drinking, that’s very good. When I turned her out she headed for the back fence, came back when Callie got a few carrot bites, learned none was for her and left again. She had plenty while we hung out and re-arranged the basement to accommodate bringing her inside for her dinner when I get home so we can bond J. I left her a little hay snack too and she found it.

I want to leave for work in about ½ hour so I can take the books in today – too late to do it yesterday, so must be signing out.

Chase the mighty dollar

Never stop to think


Said we must live in fear, here close to the ground.

Take the gravel home.


Be well my friends.

All My Love.

“I like driving tractor, I like bailing hay, I like hearing the birds sing at the start of a summers day. I’m happy on the farm…”


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