My first mistake today.

I woke up this morning with a lot on my mind and a desire to write – and then I opened face book first. dumb, dumb dumb. Now my writing eludes me. Maybe tomorrow morning 😉

I slept all night which has been rare for me lately often getting up 2 or 3 times in the night to wander around or worse wide awake enough to read for 1/2 hour or so. I went out and let the boys and Callie out. Autumn came in, put the rope on and then flaked and ran away – she was so close!! She is up here by herself and now voicing her discontent. I need to go out and try again. Let her out for the day, go drop off some books at the used book store and buy cat food.

I had fun with the little munchkins yesterday who trick or treated work. I made monster hands – food service gloves stuffed with candy and popcorn and took a Kitty Litter cake in for the food contest which turns out to be tomorrow morning, so shared it with the call center. It was “disgusting” and delicious. The texture is just right! lol

I had my 6 month review with my boss yesterday who said ‘your doing an excellent job” and then said “you should work on trying to get along with people better” in reference to a confrontation I’ve had with my desk mate who is being a holiday costume idea.  I realized again this morning why I like animals better than some people.  I can “get along” with anyone.  What he is saying is “don’t rock the boat”.   I have a low tolerance for BS, this situation is full of it and I am confident enough to speak the truth when necessary and with regard to tact (ok, I can be more tactful).  My lesson?  Go to work.  Get paid. [end]  This is not where my friends are.

Have a Blessed Day!
All My Love


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