Fall Colic 2012

Clearly I needed to be home today to take care of the girl. I had a date planned for a movie and dinner with a new guy for my birthday. I got an email last night letting me know he changed his mind and wouldn’t be going [grrr]. At least he sent a note letting me know. I’m also thankful that I wasnt’ invested in the friendship/relationship yet. I am very disappointed and think his opinion was off. When we first started talked we agreed, it would be good to have someone to hang out with. After talking a couple of times via skype he decided we had nothing in common. He’s got a lot going on and i have my own opinion about what actually transpired but it’s irrelevant. I wish him well. It’s too bad though we actually do have a lot in common, just never had the chance to find out since we never actually met. What’s with men needing a “spark”. Love is a choice not a feeling. i digress. Anyway, I called a real friend and we decided to see Frankenweinie in 3D instead of Finding Nemo in 3D – friends talk about things.

Came home this afternoon from picking up the cupboards for our kitchen and the horses came up to greet us. Just as I was getting into the car to leave we noticed Autumn lay down, roll and get up (uh-oh). She seemed ok. and Champ rolled too so we kinda let it go. 5 or so minutes later she was laying down again – our fall colic episode 2012. Clearly I needed to be home today. When the temps drop she stresses out and in the spring and fall has an episode of colic. Halter, Banamine, an equine massage and an hour and a half of walking later she made a big pile, heaved a huge sigh and asked me to scratch her under the chin. The whole time she was just on a neck rope with a lead and followed very quietly next to me (partner). She’s been quiet all evening and hasn’t layed down anymore. I think we’re out of the woods (again). She was back to her sassy self when the other horses ate their dinner.

I’m really glad i was home to see her.

After I got her settled with some water and her bestie Callie I took the boys up to get hay. Pete on a 30′ lead in case he got flaky with the calves and Champ tagging along. We have a new yearling colt on the property who is up in the white barn all by his lonesome…poor baby. He was rescued from kill buyer and is a cute little guy. We offered to have Pete keep him company at night and missed the girls this afternoon. Had to keep his owner from getting mobbed earlier this morning when she led him down toward our horses without supervision “I think we should introduce them” – not without us, you don’t.

To introduce Pete to the possibility of staying in a stall all night, I opened the barn and let him walk through. When we exited the other side into the parking lot – Champ on our tail – it occured to me that we were now outside of the pasture fences…hmmm. I went ahead and brought Pete through the gate, hoping Champ would follow but he had discovered there was grass out there and decided he’d rather not. I unclipped Pete and looped the lead over Champ, leading him back. As we reached the gate he put his head down to get a bite and the rope came off over his head and he decided “no”, I think I’ll go that way (opposite our direction). He’s a good boy, so I was able to catch him quickly and put him back in the fence.

I had the strangest dream last night which I don’t remember all of right now. It involved a stone building and traveling. Maybe it will come to me again later.
Be well my friends.
All My Love


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  1. Frankie
    Oct 14, 2012 @ 01:34:51

    So, so glad she’s doing well! I’m sorry I turned off my phone when I did. Duh. Didn’t see your text until it was too late to call. See you tomorrow, I hope!

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