Working full time takes all the fun out of life. I am however on track to retire around 55 – then I can return to childhood and run amok into my later years!! I do enjoy the job, mostly because I get to teach people about their own future and making choices today. 47% of Americans run out of money before they die. That’s tragic. We live in the wealthiest country on the planet and we are failing miserably individually. The election is coming up and I’m sending in an absentee ballot – I am always busy on voting day for some reason!

My current soldier is going home in November, so I’m going to request another adoption tonight when I’m finished writing. Tomorrow is photos at church and cleaning the grounds. The landlord is reportedly coming out tomorrow to do the driveway(!!! YEAH!!!) and the “kids” have been cleaning out our shed. I hope roomies grandson will be available to help with these limestone blocks. A couple weeks ago when the Haffy jerked on me, she dislocated my shoulder and I keep irritating it – lifting blocks does not sound like much fun alone and that has to be finished before snow fall!!

Hopefully, I can get together with Frankie this weekend (hint hint girlfriend, I know your reading) since we missed lunch last week. Want to come out and do this puzzle later Saturday if your not chained to your desk? Or maybe Sunday afternoon if you are?

It’s almost midnight on Friday – and I have more to do yet. I’m going through the FPU Cd’s again this week in the car and starting all the forms from the beginning. I am applying to go through his class in February – scary, challenging and something I feel very powerfully led to pursue. I really like educating people and the feeling that I am the first person to tell someone they can actually become a multi-millionaire by retirement is very satisfying! “If we were doing math, we wouldn’t have credit card debt!” –Dave Ramsey

All My Love, everyone! Night


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