Honor thy Father

It’s a commandment.

Honor thy Father and thy Mother. [period]

It doesn’t matter what happened 30 years ago in your childhood. Time changes. Love heals all wounds. People learn about their mistakes – sometimes. I’ve been thinking a lot about my father in recent months and years. He couldn’t be the father I needed or he chose to remain in the agony of his own childhood and either knowingly or unknowingly passed that on to me (us?, my sister was always a favorite and protected). I spoke with one of our cousins this morning and asked about him. He still lives in his mothers house and isn’t doing very well – probably alcohol, my guess. I’ve been intending to stop but havn’t had the courage. I even drove by the old property in the last few weeks and it looks awful. The new housing development is backed right up to our acreage fence making it look small and pathetic. All of the buildings have either been torn down or have fallen down and the big trees are gone. The neighbor to the east has piled a huge mound of dirt up and the driveway is washed out. I want to make a neighborhood park out of it. Silly, huh?

We had some wonderful childhood memories out there too. Hide and seek after dark, ponies, forts and climbing trees. Running wild and running amok in the protective shelter of all the grownups. I wish that for every child.

My father has saved my life on several occasions due to lessons he taught me.

  1. If you get into traffic on a bicycle and lose control, try to go with the flow of traffic until you regain control.

Hmmm, that’s the one I remember right now and it did safe my life on 2 occasions.

He taught me to love fishing and aquariums. He indulged my want for a pony when it wasn’t really feasible for the family and he taught me how to take things apart – engines and televisions and other interesting contraptions.

I don’t know if he’s ready to hear that I truly have forgiven him. I would like to be able to help him find peace in life, it’s been so violent for him. I don’t know if I can but I’ll keep praying about it, it seems close.


On another note. My alarm is going off to get ready to go and the new landlord has clearly put calves out in the 15 acres of pasture – they’ve been bawling all night and still today. I wonder how long it takes before they accept their fate?

Be well everyone. All My Love


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