Not much

Not much happening this week. Went back to work full time after being off most of August. Still getting settled into the new home, getting used to my new night schedule and adjusting to working full time again. I haven’t been feeling very passionate about much that I can share on a blog. Once I get my feet under me we’ll see. I do this for me but I’m glad there are some of you who check in. I’ve been posting more on facebook lately and I’ve been spending regular time most days training the Haflinger and posting to the horse training site…

It’s fall here. It rained last night. It was one of those nice gentle rains that you have to think about before realizing that it’s there. I slept like a rock and woke up with a bit of a headache but that’s passing. I fell behind in some of my swapping while I was moving and am working to get all of those caught up and then I’m not sure if I’ll stay on there or not. It may be time to do something else. I’ll finish the swaps I started and there is one group I’d like to keep involved with, great bunch of people. The greater community though I’ve kinda had my fill of. I have met some really great people there though. We’ll see.

I have to get the truck in for work, the car needs a little bit too as it’s overheating when idling. The secondary fan is not coming on when needed. Both need new tires too and we haven’t put in enough hay for winter yet. I loved the time off work and I’ve paid dearly for it financially so I’ll be picking up as much overtime from now until November as I can get. I’m also going to start looking for another job. Giving 40+ hours of my life every week to an employer has to pay better to make it worth the sacrifice.

Well I must get going.
Be well, my friends.
All My Love


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