The First Awesome Day

I’m sitting outside at the deck table with my laptop, eating a wonderful greens, beef and fruit salad with a mild Sangria containing Jose Quervo. I’ve been outside working like crazy since about 8am. Preparing flower beds for planting with bulbs, roots and flowers. We finished the dry lot temporary paddock and moved the horses water tank to our house. We cut a hole in the fence where Pete tore through it 2 years ago for the new gate and spent time with the ponies. The neighbor who was moody this morning was social this evening and actually helped me empty out the water tank and took a turn at scrubbing her half.

Landlord installed my new deadbolt while not letting any of the cats outside. Roomy just got home from taking the grandkids home and we’re planning to sit around the fire with some adult beverages. We still have to do chores but that doesn’t take long.

It was a very good day!



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