Wow. It’s been a whirlwind few weeks.

I just woke up. 0415 on August 31, 2012. I dreamt I was pregnant, living in an experimental society on another planet, participating in a leadership development program and being pursued by a cyborg who was trying to kill me. The last scene I had left the hospital for a short time to look at new housing and the cyborg was driving a big black SUV and had identified me by the map points on my face which he saw for a glance, but long enough to confirm my identity. He drove past me when I was getting into my Blazer and ripped the drivers side rear door off and it went sliding down the road. All I could think about was what it would cost to put it back on and how inconvenient it would be. Then he started shooting laser explosions at me and we were running through the housing development. My protector was not taking my safety very seriously, which is why he had allowed me to go out in the first place or I wasn’t taking it seriously and went out against his protests – I’m not clear which.

I am sitting in my new favorite chair with my feet propped up on the windowsill that looks out over the back pasture of our new home. I haven’t blogged in weeks and miss writing. I haven’t done much else in weeks except pack, move, unpack, hang pictures, move things to make room for roomies stuff, trim the cats toenails, wonder about the dark and enjoy the scenery out this window. I took a full week off and have managed to get 5 four day weekends off in a row. My boss asked me yesterday if I was really there or a figment of his imagination. At work I finally after 8 years have attained my 5 year anniversary and the company is sponsoring a luncheon for us and we get to choose an anniversary gift. I’m thinking of getting the towel warmer. If not that, my other top choices are a new set of stainless steel pans or a wireless heart rate monitor…we’ll see.

There is nothing more decadent that coming in after chores on a winter day, immersing myself in a bathtub of hot water for an hour or more long soak and then stepping out and wrapping up in a heated towel! I’ve wanted one for years. I’ve also wanted a heat lamp in the bathroom – I hate being cold when showering or bathing. I don’t mind the cold and often play outside for hours in the winter, I don’t like feeling cold.

So here’s a rundown of what’s been going on in general order, although it’s been a blur…

June 28 – landlord sold the property

New landlord indicated he was going to raise the rent by 150% or we could consider renting the former landlords bachelor pad, which is a converted barn that has a lot of potential but has been neglected like the rest of the property for at least 15 years.

We negotiated a rental rate, made a laundry list of what needed to be done to make the house hospitable which included removing decades of debris from the lower level, filling in the driveway so we can actually use the 2 stall garage for cars, demolishing a safe room in the basement that looked like it may have contained either a weed growing operation or a body, evicted a ground hog from under the house (dirty cat litter btw), painted all the rooms and hallway, evaluate the flower beds which haven’t been maintained in 15 years, moved the horses to the larger enclosure, endure weed spray that was broadcast around the house and was a cause of me becoming sick for a week, developing and getting rid of poison ivy, going in for a CTI on my abdomen to evaluate for surgery, speaking with the surgeon about an experimental procedure which pumps small plastic nodules into my capillary bed to effectively strangle the fibroid garden which has been the cause of much discomfort the last couple of years…what else? Oh, bought a new car, a 1996 Buick RoadMaster, very nice.

That brings me to pack everything I own, move it all less than 2 city blocks, unpack, vacuum up all the little mouse poops along the walls (super gross) be disgruntled and angry at the lack of respect new landlord has shown for my flower beds at the old house – which they tore out and simply threw out the drift wood that I had been using for accents, yanked up everything with no regard to if I was interested in keeping anything, took what they wanted, and to top it off it seems like their 19 year old daughter and 3 of her buddies are going to be the new tenants and neighbors. Great, I get to live next door to children. Did I mention that the house is 800 square feet, and they will have 4 people living there? Good luck with that! The landlord has done absolutely nothing except clean the carpets, fix a window that literally fell out, and buy 3 lighting fixtures that are not installed yet to help prepare the house I’m now for living in.

I’m still chaffed that he is pleading poverty (after paying $300k for the property and spending bookoo bucks to install a new wood floor, new shrubbery, paint the entire little house and remodel the bathroom for a phantom tenant while ignoring the needs of a paying tenant. I’m considering putting the rent into an escrow account until our updates are completed. When we first negotiated we presented him with a laundry list 4 pages long of updates – which he agreed to do in writing and have not been done. We at least have a lease in place for 2 years to make it worth our effort. If roomie and I get along together and can maintain our friendship while sharing space, we may consider buying property at that time, I’m tired of moving on someone else’s whim.

OH, there is also a concern with the availability of hay this year. We’ve had drought conditions in July and most of August, so farmers didn’t get a second crop in mid summer and may not be able to get one in by the end of the year, which is going to cause prices to skyrocket. Usually we put in 400 – 500 bales of small squares or plan for 4 bales of large squares per week which is what we did last year and had them delivered bi-weekly. It’s August and the horses are already shedding their summer coats – a sign that we will be having an early and hard winter, so we should be putting up 500 – 600 bales of small squares. Hay is running $4.25 to $6 per bale, yes $1800 to $36oo needed cash to provide hay alone – lets’ talk about stress. OT was cut in July and the shift differential was reduced from $7.50 to $3.00 (ouch). I am changing to the night shift so will be working until 10 pm starting next week and then picking up as much OT as possible again through the holidays. God always provides. And usually at the very last moment when needs are needed.

I have a lot to be thankful for and everyday I remind myself of that. It’s difficult to let go of those things you have no control over, but it’s best to remember to do so. I’m yawning finally. Must have gotten everything out that’s been in my crawl. so to say. I’m going to try to go back to sleep. I love my new room. I have room to dance in there and can walk all the way around the whole bed without squeezing between a wall. I also am now able to use all the drawers in the pedestal. My new closet is huge and my clothes don’t come near to filling it up. That’s no reason for shopping btw – I love the extra space and being able to move the hangers to see what I have to wear. I have several boxes that are on their way to Goodwill and the women’s shelter of things I’m letting go of. It’s time.

Speaking of letting go. I had moved the sewing machine my grandmother taught me to sew on outside for several months-for space reasons. It needs to be balanced again and I have a nicer machine that works well. My grandfather built the cabinet that it’s in. In July when it was so hot I had moved it around to my bedroom window to support the air conditioning unit to keep it from falling out (unnecessary, but I digress). I popped over to the house last Sunday and saw that it was upside down in the dumpster – talk about a last straw. I waffled about recovering it – after all I learned to sew on that machine when I was 2 at my grandmothers knee and I have strong feelings about it, but I thought ok it’s time to let it go. Thursday morning before the dumpster was emptied I retrieved it. I don’t want that image burned into my head as the last thing I remember about my grandparents. I’ve always wanted to learn to fix them and what better opportunity than to dismantle it and see if I can get it working again. That will be a much better memory than seeing it belly up on a heap.

The entire downstairs I’m planning to convert to an art studio. It has to be sealed against pests, dry walled and I’ve requested a half bath be installed. There is currently no access from the upper to the lower levels inside and I’ve suggested a small spiral staircase, which would be a really good option. We’ll see what he does. In a word the new landlord is a dufus. Anyway, tis good to be back. We’ll have Wi-Fi access by the end of the day today and then you’ll see me much more frequently.

All my love, as ever!



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