I’m sitting in the living room of our new digs listening to the fan circulate cool air through the house looking out over the pasture at our little herd grazing their way to the back of the property, swishing tails at flys. There are a number of birds talking outside. Some that I recognize, others I don’t. Monday there was a pair of bright blue birds feeding their little brown chick bugs that they were searching for in the weeds. There are already many trees that have been removed and many more to go. The painting is coming along well. I have to fiish the hallway which, after I was ¾ finished with it realized I had started in the unintentional darker color that I meant to paint one of the bedrooms in. It looked so great contrasting with main wall that even though it wasn’t the best choice for a hallway space – it looks beautiful. So I’ll switch it and use the intended color on the bedroom wall with one contrast wall of the hall color. It will still look great.

There is still smoke in the air from a fire last night that I was able to observe out my kitchen window. There are some mobile homes grouped behind an old abandoned hotel, right next to an upscale restaurant. I don’t usualy pay much attention to sirens since they generally whiz past the house without sopping, but the noise and lights did wake me up around 1:35am and there was a ball of flame shooting into the air. There were also firework explosions and I couldn’t tell what was burning. I thought it was the house that’s settled between the fire station and the restaurant – thankfully not. I went up to the Casey’s store for coffee and to drive past to see but it’s nestled behind things and you can’t see a thing from the road. On the way home I drove into the parking lot of the restaurant and you can still see smoke rising, the hole in the privacy fence where the firemen removed a section to get through and a pile of twisted metal that used to be a home. I have a friend who was working and she said she didn’t think anyone was hurt. This is the second trailer fire I’ve witnessed in my lifetime. The first was a neighbor lady who was on oxygen and smoked – yes, that’s a great combination. No one is certain what started the fire, but it destroyed the home. I remember she got out and was standing in her pajamas watching the flames. I went and got her my robe to keep her warm. Later we helped to gut the house and recover as much of her furniture as possible. She had insurance money that replaced the home and some of the furniture. Her nieces boyfriend did a lot of the demo and charged her by the hour for himself and all of the volunteers. He tried to pay me “my share” and I told him to give it back to her. It’s cool to take enough for your expenses, but in my mind you just took advantage of a family member and elderly woman. Soon after getting his payment the couple was flaunting a huge diamond engagement ring and on top of it asked the woman to pay for their engagement dinner. Balsy. I havn’t spoken to him since. You help a neighbor and family in need, you do not exploit them for your own gain. Dirt bag.

Sheryl’s horses are out now. Funny that it took selling the place for her to suddenly become congenial. She has been putting her horses out on her own pasture area and mowed the overgrown section last weekend for more pasture. There is no reason she couldn’t have done that last year when we needed to share this big area. It’s a control issue. She has been talking and interacting more with us. I hope she’s found peace too. It’s been so drama free since Jane left. I wish Jane happiness and I’m glad we don’t have to share space with her anymore.

I’m being a total lump this morning. I am buying a new car this week. Well, not new, a really, really nice 1996 Buick Roadmaster that has been totally babied by a retired couple since they bought it in 2000. The couple are the parents of a friend of mine who have gone into assisted living and havn’t driven for 2 years. The car has been in a garage the whole time, driven about 4 times. The leather interior looks brand new, it’s totally loaded including lumbar support and heated seats (yippee). The engine purrs without so much as a squeak or grind. It will need tires next year and the AC needs charged. Dave is cleaning it and having the oil changed for me, bless his heart. This is the 3rd car I’ve bought with cash Each has been a little better than the last. This one is like driving my living room. At 60mph, you can’t even hear the wind outside. S-w-e-e-t!! I had to have something better to drive in the winter that will stay on the roads. My little Blazer has been a blessing and is still going strong but winter driving is like rolling around on inner tubes. It also needs new tires which will help but the tranny is slipping a little first thing in the mornings and the suspension needs attention and there is an issue with the air intake valve and a couple of times I’ve noticed that the #6 valve is misfiring…I’ll keep it as a second vehicle and to do things like run to the dump with recycling or to carry sawdust and grain in it, but it’s time for the beast to start retirement.

Well, my friends my pc is telling me it needs to reboot in order to install a security update, my alarm just let me know it’s 8:30 and time to start getting ready for work (groan). I am so thankful for the job and so very bored with it too. What do the British say “Heads up and carry on?” I don’t think that’s quite it. Lol The short of it is, I’m living on a budget and it’s working. Not going to work is going to put a huge crimp in my plan to be debt free. Be well everyone. Love you all.


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