New Car!! Whoop Whoop!

i LOVE my Blazer most of the time. In the winter, however it’s like driving on inner tubes. I even hydroplane on very little wet/rain at times and winter is white knuckle driving. This weekend though I found a car for sale by a friend of mine. It’s a ”96 Buick Roadmaster and it’s loaded! Even electric back support and heated seats. 170,000 miles and has been totally babied by an older couple. It’s been in a garage for 2 years and was driven about 4 times during that. The leather seats look brand new, the engine purrs and at 60 mph you barely feel like your moving and no sound. It will need tires next year and the AC needs charged. Great price and I can pay cash for it! I should have it before Friday – so excited. I’m keeping the Blazer, it’s been a reliable car and will be used for hauling stuff and as a 2nd vehicle if necessary.

Love you all!


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