Just My Imagination

I’ve said for a long time that I don’t need Stephen Kings help with my imagination and that’s a big reason why I don’t read his books. My dreams last night were vivid and the characters were talking and interacting as if it were real. Lily, Eric, Frankie and I were the main characters. In one scene we were trying to sled down a huge hill into a traffic jam and over a pile of plowed snow. As we came down the hill people were getting out of the cars and cheering for us to make it through. There was one possible path where the snow was less and we drove toward that spot. We made it half way, then the cars faded and the remainder of the hill became a snowy waterfall. We were sledding toward the bottom and then we were in a hallway with tables and confections and lots of Christmas decorations. Frankie took the time to ogle over the decorations and was discussing acquiring one of the decorated 2′ trees on a shelf slightly above our heads. We walked back up the hill and stopped at one of these was a tables that was covered in angel food cake and bread – like zucchini bread and we were invited to help ourselves. The angel food cake was one large card table sized cake with pieces out of it. I took some of that.

We went back on the sled and had to go up and down the hill a couple of times, then we were drawn/led on a mystery chase. Eric and Lily were trying to keep something bad from happening and they had to follow this sorceress who separated them and isolated Eric, cast a spell on a wallet and put a check in it that would burn if touched. She made a point of opening up the wallet to display all of the credit and store discount cards and showing exactly where the check was placed between other papers. Lily backtracked and found him just after she had finished and darted out the rear door. She picked up the wallet and started back on their quest with Eric behind her. For reasons only he knew he cut to the right and started running down this spiral cement staircase shouting unintelligibly. I followed him hollering to her to follow him. When we both caught up to him he was on his side and icy steam was emanating from his body – he was freezing alive and speaking unintelligibly. His face was changing and he was struggling to regain control. We realized that the spell had not been cast on the wallet but on him.

I woke up and prayed for both of them.

Father. Whatever Eric and Lily are experiencing at this time, lift them up and surround them in love. Yours is the power and the glory forever, Amen. I am going to call them this morning.

I also prayed a prayer of thanks that the creativity and expression seems to be returning or at least is bubbling to my conscience mind at a rate that I can express. Last night was our first Cell group leadership meeting. It was low key and chatty. I have homework to do this week. I got pulled over last night with a warning for my tail lights – I kinda forgot about fixing it for the lights that illuminate my back license plate. Thank you Lord for the warning and not the ticket. I’m all over it this morning!

Won’t Back Down, by Fuel is playing.


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