I’m at the Chinese Buffet today (Sat), they need to update the menu. I don’t come out nearly as often as I used to.

The fortune for today is “To be upset over what you don’t have is to waste what you do have.”

At nearly midnight on the 3rd of July this year someone who I have been coming to rely on insisted that he wanted to help me install my air conditioner on the 4th. I can certainly do it myself, but it’s really a two man operation and since I didn’t want to wind up dropping it on the ground, I agreed to wait for his help. He was supposed to be there around Noon. At 1:30 I texted him “Noon?”. No response. He had said he was helping his daughter change the tire on her car before helping me and it’s mildly out of character that he wasn’t responding. I waited until about 2:30 and texted “you ok?”, thinking that something had gone terribly wrong and maybe the car had fallen on him. No response. Getting a little worried, I texted a mutual friend and asked if he’d heard from him today. No response. An hour or so later I get a response from my friend “gee, sorry, I forgot. I was having a buffet with my family for the holiday”.

I should have known better than to wait as he did state during our conversation that he was drunk.

I wanted to have this done before the heat got bad on the East side of the house but I waited because he asked me to! He earnestly said he “REALLY wanted to help”. I ended up doing it myself anyway the next morning. He didn’t bother offering another time or even showing up. He hasn’t called or texted to see if I got it done and it’s been several days now. I have not reached out either to be honest.

I have to ask myself what was I really expecting? Clearly too much.

What you do speaks so loudly, that I cannot heart what you are saying.

My friend Julie helped me fix the back fence this morning. I told her I wanted to do it before the heat got too bad. She said “what time?” I said “8am”. She said “ok” – AND then she showed up and we knocked it out in about 2 hours. Now my little haffy gets to be out with the rest of the horses in a safe enclosure. The other 3 of our 4 horses were already out there and they were ok with a broken fence so there was no obligation for her to worry, but she did anyway and followed up.

I’ve learned [again]:

  1. If you need to get something done at a certain time, state it and then do it – with or without help.
  2. Never trust the words of a drunk. Humor them. Laugh at them even. Just don’t trust that they will follow through.

The other thing I asked for help with was cutting up some major branches that the wind knocked down a week ago. That’s done too. It was a nice surprise last night to come home and have them gone. The landlord finally found time. I was saddened though that they also cut half of the beautiful Lilac tree/bush out. A teenager with a chain saw is a dangerous combination. Se la vie – not my yard or my house or my teenager. Lilacs are not an endangered species, but the blooms are lovely every spring.

What does all this have to do with a fortune cookie?

Be thankful for your friends.

Don’t expect too much of them.

Learn to enjoy solitude. You are in the end all you’ve got.

Do all you can, for whomever you can, whenever you can, till the end of your days.

Forgive people.

Always be thankful for true friends who are there for you and always be there for them.

Your luck is in how you treat people.

You must always move toward happiness.

Wallow if you must and wash it off as soon as possible.

I need boxes so I can start packing and taking over 6 or 10 at a time through July so it’s not such a big job when we move the furniture in August, if the landlord has the place ready. This was another weekend wasted in my opinion. Except for removing the tree branches there’s been no sign of activity. It will be bittersweet to leave my little house. It’s just right for me. I am looking forward to having a studio though!

All My Love – As Ever!


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