Land Drama

Lots going on around the property. We found out last Thursday that they are closing June 29 not July 29 as we expected. The new guy finally called to introduce himself as indicated in my last post and intends to raise my rent by 150% (yikes). That’s over our budget and if we want to stay on the property will have to make a transition to the bigger house and Julie will have to give her apartment up, that’s the only way we can afford to stay there. We like the location and have space for our herd. the larger house has some potential and on the South side are huge picture windows along the entire wall – cleaned up it could be stunning. We’ve decided to flip sides since she doesn’t want the cats in her space (understandable, neither do!). We’ve submitted a proposal to the new owner of what it would take to make the space acceptable to what we currently have.

Last night when I got home, Julie was still out doing chores and said that Bruce and Sheryl were having a huge fight over the well agreement. We’ll see if it closes…if not we may have to move anyway if Bruce gets passive/aggressive which is his MO.

I thought I had a chiro appt this morning, so am an hour early leaving the house. Stopped to do homework (ha ha) and have been blogging and reading emails. I have a date tomorrow or Saturday with someone new. We’ll see. This time he’s posted a better photo and doesn’t look as craggy. I try hard not to judge photos since I hate being judged by them. He has a big nose and playful eyes. lol

Once Kirkwood is finished at the end of the week, I’m going to get signed back up for the Cherokee language class. I’d really like to take Lakota language too and Spanish, Italian, French and Japanese. What else do I have to commit to for the rest of my life? That will at least lead to people. I attended a Cell group meeting at church this Sunday with the new pastor JR and my goal is to lead the Financial Peace class at church. I am very passionate about helping people succeed in getting their financial lives in order and start to do math. It’s a grass roots effort and may be a big reason why the country is failing. Our citizens don’t understand finance for the most part, how can we possibly hold our nations leaders accountable on something the majority of us dont’s get? 47% of Americans run out of money before they die – that’s tragic!!

Hey, I should actually go do some homework before my time is up.
Heads up and tails down, men!!
Love you.


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