Pete took his human for a walk tonight

When I went out to get the horses tonight I had a few carrots and decided that whoever stopped would get a bite. 3 horse stopped, Autumn looked at me cross eyed and skirted around the crew, heading up to the barn. Pete stayed with me, put his halter on and got the rest of the carrots. We got up to the barn, walked through the herd and he got to come out with me to eat his supper. While the others were eating he took me out to the ditch to graze. He had so much fun finding all the big purple clover clusters and he would have a huge mouth full and couldn’t get one more flower inside. He raised his head and looked at me while he chewed. As soon as there was space he would reach down and get more bites. Funny boy!

Not surprising, I felt something crawling on my hand and tried to brush it off as it clung madly to me – a tick! (shiver) I hate ticks. I had to pluck him off and flick it in the road.

Last night we met with the new landlord. Seems like a nice guy. Has no clear idea about the property. I’d like to do this and that and take out some trees and paint…well, it’s a good place to start. We have to decide if we are keeping this house or moving to the larger one.


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