Homework is done!

Well, caught up at least.

Two weeks to finish the last 2 subjects and submit the final paper. I got a little behind with the medical tests and everything. I’ve decided to adopt/pen pal with 1 AAP soldier. Can’t help it, there is so much need and I enjoy doing it. I have 2 subscriptions to send somewhere, so may as well keep up with it. I do wish in a year my troop would have found at least 1 opportunity to say “hey, we’re getting your packages”.

Hopefully, this one will want to pen pal back. Once this class is finished I get to get creative again – yeah!! Back to the business plan. I have to get the scanner software downloaded so I can start scanning Mom’s scrap books and then will have to decide what to do with the hard copies…may have a ceremonial bonfire if no one in the family wants them.

The new landlord called today and we actually got to talk a bit and have a meeting Thursday evening at 7:30 to discuss what Julie and I want to do (big house vs. little house) and possible timeline. The neighbor is moving her horses out on the 15th, I wonder if she’ll clean up the 15″ of manure? I doubt it.

All my love.


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