Road To The Horse

Congratulations to the Australian team and well done to all of the competitors. We got to Murfreesboro, TN Thursday evening around 9pm checked in and sacked out (11 hour drive). Friday we got there too early at 8:30 so we drove around town getting to know it for an hour-beautiful old homes. Sessions 1 and 2 lasted until about 9pm and due to one of the colts failing a vet check round 2 for Pat Parelli had to do his round 2 training at 0530 this morning. So those of us who follow his training methods had the priviledge of seeing him train three times plus he did a 30 minute clinic. 0530 to 2027 makes for a long day and rarely without a smile. The trainers were great and the colts did really well. Next year Kentucky. Definitely hooked!

It will be a let down to go home tomorrow and back to work – and all the more motivation to identify my dreams and set things in order to get them. Enough said for now. It’s GREEN here!
ciao! Sending you all my love.


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