Movie: Our Idiot Brother

This was a cute movie. Typical low budget flick like I love. I would have to say I most resemble the main character, Ned. Yes, the idiot. I thought this was going to be on the lines of hippy vege gardener clashes with big city siblings which in many ways it was. I was also delighted to find that the movie went beyond the expected and I truly enjoyed the somewhat slapstick routines and was charmed by the unusual integrity and honesty from the main character.

So much for great connectivity to the neighborhood pub…not available to this pc at least. No giant surprise, I should just have gone to the regular pub. No wi-fi, no service, now I remember why I don’t come here very often. I believe I need to go up myself [sigh].  Back to the movie review…no, I guess that’s it. It was cute and sweet and I would buy it if it was in the bargain bin.

I need to start writing on a regular basis and I can do that from home.


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