History 11-6-2011

Isaiah 54

JR Henderson – new pastor – The Bridge





God, you know our hearts and you know our journeys. Thank you that the lights of New Song are beginning to shine through Cedar Hills.


I just fly away

Never looking back to yesterday.

Close the door

I’m looking ahead now and I know there’s something more

Imagine all I can do to make it a better place and a better day for me and you.


11-16-2011 – Praise Notes

All Bow Down

Light the Fire in My Soul Again

It has nothing to do with me. It’s all about Jesus perfect obedience.

Juice His blood poored out for us.

Bread His body broken for us

Pledge and foretaste of a great celebration (feast/banquet)

Trust in Jesus for Salvation.

As often as you do this, remember how much I love you. I needed this today.

Father, thank you for the reminders of your grace this morning and for the people here who left me out of my sorrows and regrets. Once again I thank you for the cross, my friend. Once again, I pour out my life. Once again I look upon the cross where you died and I am humbled by the mercy and I’m broken insight.

Sometimes relationships can distract us from things that you want us to be doing.

11/13/11 Movie: Garden State

Deep in the ocean of His love. Sometimes I feel the weight of all the prayers, needs and hopes of everyone in the room and it’s more than I can bear – then I cry. It’s not in sadness – but for the burdens that ate carried and heavy for us – but they are not too heavy for you. When I release them to you and I know you kep them in your care and answer them in your time and the burden is lifted from me.

What he opens, no one can shut.

What he shuts, no one can open.

Championship team

HS Football 1982 – Undefeated season

Look as I slip off the covers of those who are not true believers.

Movie: The Grace Card

Men (or women, how to care for a man)

  • Set him up to succeed.
  • Be an encouragement to him
  • Understand his needs
  • Satisfy his body
  • Absolutely dependent on God for everything.

Christmas Day    12/28/11

At church, not feeling particularly holy. I’m achy and my stomach is churny because I has hot cocoa for food – but no actual food this morning. I wore khakis and a sweatshirt – very comfy but looking a little rangy. It doesn’t reflect how I feel though. I’m feeling free and blessed.

There are several baptisms today on Christmas morning. Sweet. I had a few gifts to open this morning. I left a couple for when I get home. Joy this year comes from what was given and I can honestly say I have given more than I received and I have received far more than what was given.

He remembers that we are dust – frail and temporary.

  • Light is a privilege.
  • Light is personal
  • Luke 2 the Christmas Story
  • Isaiah 60



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