Valentine’s 2012

0645 my alarm rings for the second time this morning and I grab the phone, unlock it to turn the alarm off as I notice it’s a call from a RESTRICTED number. The call is 05 seconds long when I realize I’ve hung up on somebody who was thoughtful enough to call me today. Crap. Lesson learned I change my ring tone so my calls don’t match my alarm sounds. Still the caller doesn’t try again. I will wonder all day who the mystery caller was, these are my top guesses:

  1. One of my soldiers or soldier troop.
  2. A friend who I haven’t spoken to for a long time who lives away somewhere
  3. A tele-marketer
  4. Antonio? I doubt it.

Unlike most people, my phone is a text machine and alarm clock. Rarely does it get used as a phone. Last month I only talked 134 minutes for the whole month! Se la vie.

Most likely one of the soldiers, they do things like that. I really wish I had been able to speak with the caller. They haven’t called back – or couldn’t. I took the phone with me for chores just in case. Someone in a truck went in the ditch right across from the house, someone else with a 4-wheel drive pulled them out. I was on my way over to offer assistance but had to backtrack to put the dog back in the house so he wouldn’t follow me and cause a pile up. The plow went by as I type – yeah! 10 minutes later and cars are back up to near normal speed – morons…I’m so glad I’m here and not on the road right now. Another car just ended up in my driveway. Another 30 minutes and most of the road will be free of other drivers.

Last night before I headed home I got a text from Julie – “Mt Vernon road is slick as hell”. She ended up in some ones yard, but was able to drive right back out. I came the same way an hour later at 20mph with my blinkers on. I’m leaving early this morning, 8ish, but I want all the other traffic to melt the road before me and get out of the way, I’ll be in 2nd gear again. That’s the benefit of coming home at 9 pm, I’m just about the only car on the road and can take my sweet time without much worry about getting rear-ended. I did slide several times, but thanks to the warning stayed on the road. I hope the sun comes out today and clears the roads. The plow just went by again the other direction. Booda is perched on the desk in front of me with one paw touching my hand claws extended to let me know he wishes to receive my affections. Wish men were that easy to decipher.

I really hope the Valentine fairy didn’t try to make it to my house this morning with flowers and end up spinning in the ditch too. I think I’ll stop on my way to work and get myself a little bouquet for my desk, text everyone I love and tell them I love them and wonder who I didn’t get to talk to this morning. It’s enough to brighten my day knowing someone tried to reach me. I’ve come a long way from 2 years ago. My expectations have changed a lot and I’ve put considerable effort into re-categorizing the day. Instead of a day for couple love, I’ve extended it to all I love and all who love me and if I don’t have a single someone to surprise me on this overly marketed beautiful day so be it. I’m going out for a drink with Cas after work, he’s not seeing anyone right now either so we’ll both end the day in the company of a friend.

I got to listen to my favorite interpreter Alexis, spell in army code the entire overnight address to one of our customers. I have considered leaving my job and traveling to Cuba to meet him, he has a very kind demeanor and a voice that’s lovely to listen to. We have bets going on his age, I think late 30’s. Made my night.

Blessings everyone.

Sending you my love wherever you are.


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