Good Grief!

I’m at the pub listening to this 30 something compare being 40 to death. I may have to move if he whiney voice continues to crawl up my spine.
The other day I saw a post from one of my favorite online comics “Commitment”, here’s a link. Struck me between the eyeballs – that explains a lot.

Here’s another “Souls need to be touched” which strikes me tonight.

I’ve started a 21 day SP cleanse, it’s day 4 and I’m noticing the change in my mental frame of mind-unfortunately for the worse it seems. I’ve been impatient today, 4 days without processed foods, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, protein and dairy products. I’ve lost 7 lbs-ish.

Princes finally shut up. “The BEST beaches I’ve ever been to have been in Hawaii…we used to go to this EXOTIC [blah blah blah]” Maybe soup will help a little. I’m cutting myself a break with a cup of Wisconsin Cheese soup and a salad. Totally on me of course, what was I expecting to hear by coming to a pub. How can chicks like that be married? My bad-answered my own question.

(back in a minute)

Reading emails

[later]  That’s all I’ve got tonight.  Blessings everyone!


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