Time fly’s by so fast when your working 40+ hour weeks. Sure the money is nice. I do miss my time though. I like the job and am grateful for it. I am doing all I can to maximize the opportunity, increase the retirement assets, increase the savings assets and set myself up to travel in the future. Life is beautiful It’s a lovely fall afternoon. Today I went to the movies (for my birthday) and saw Courageous with my friend Angela and her girls. Every movie that this group has made has been better than the last. This is #1 at the box office last week and well worth the time.

My soldiers understand. The movie is about honor and commitment and family. The things that you all put it on the line for daily. I send you my love and the protection of angels in as much as it is in my power to do so. Thinking of you every day. You too Antonio. I understand and although you are no less in my heart than ever, I understand what you meant by “I will always be a soldier”. I get it. No drama. No pressure. You are dear to my heart my friend and always will be. I am here for you as always-I won’t intrude on your decision-that doesn’t lessen my commitment or the connection I still feel to you…not the romantic kind-I really do get that. You are a dear friend in my heart.

After that I stopped for a beer with another cherished friend.

I met a young man this week who did a tour in Afghanistan. I asked him about his tour and what, above all else was most welcome to be received. He answered “letters”, to which I blushed since I’ve been slacking in regular weekly letters to my soldiers. I’ve seen him a few more times when I go in and he asks me if I have anything to mail… 🙂 I almost always do.

Two of you will be finishing your tour soon and it’s been my honor to support you the past few months. God Speed my friends and may you return safely to your families and come home soon. Know that each of you are on my mind often throughout the day. All my love. Dev


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