Heppy week!

or happy…

Spent a lovely two evenings with a couch surfer, tom, who is originally from Poland, now living in Chicago!  We had some wonderful discussions and I am pleased to count him among my friends now!  He is bicycling from home to Council Bluffs and then planning another international trip.  I’m a little jealous that he’s been overseas many times in the last 3 years, but have made the decision to get this debt behind me and build some wealth – then I’ll be on his tail wandering the globe too!!

There are two trips coming up in August.  The women’s canoe/camping weekend and a trip up north for the weekend with a friend.  I’m still wrapped up in the series 6 prep, but will be done after the 11th with it and into my new job.  It’s good to have a larger paycheck again and I really miss my free time!

Love you all, thinking of you today as always.  Came across (was surprised by) a photo of my paratrooper friend (randomly today) and sent out a prayer of blessings for him and all he is doing.  Your still in my heart and always will be.


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