Busy, busy!

Hello, my friends.

New photos are posted on the elephant site and my adversity site.  Check them out.

News:  I passed 2 tests this week (finally) in class.  just 3 short weeks left to THE TEST, which determines if I will have a job or not afterward.  Looking like the knowledge is cumulative and seems to be sinking in.  Studying extra every night and enjoying a glass a wine before bed to help relax me.  Not related, I’m sure. 🙂

The blanket is on display at Village this week.  It was a little difficult leaving my favored pet with strangers, they promised to take good care of it though and the publicity will be good; maybe I’ll sell a book or two out of it.  I also have ladder yarn necklaces on display there.  Only comment that they are over priced.  Maybe.  They take 30 minutes to make + cost of materials, I think they are priced about right.

Back home to study some more tonight.  I have a couch surfer from the Chicago area staying this week and am looking forward to meeting him.  He’s 33, originally from Poland, traveling by bicycle.  Looks like a very interesting person, maybe I’ll be able to surf his couch this fall when I take a short trip.

Be well, my friends.   My brain is toast and the  thoughts have all fled!

OH – shoutout to Carl, one of our neighbors for bringing the bush hog and tractor over last night and mowing the pasture for us.  We had 6′ tall burdock and many other varieties of weeds out there.  The whole herd could hide with little effort.  No more!


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