Wild Horses: Good News/Bad

1.  Castration is horribly traumatic for older stallions and there is a high chance that many will die in the process.

2.  The BLM is responsible for managing ALL wildlife in a sustainable manner.  These numbers are now falling below a sustainable level; sustainable meaning that a reasonable gene pool exists for the continuation of the species.  Let’s keep their feet to the fire.  They are responsible for the future of wild horses and they are mis-using their powers to eliminate the species.

3. I am sorry that it had to drop to this level for me to become active on the issue, this issue is at least decades old and the BLM has been allowed to pad their pockets to justify their mismanagement…another government agency gone haywire.

4.  Take action NOW!!

Wild horses: Good News/Bad News – No spaying this time, but the herds will be sterilized

Posted: 22 Jun 2011 02:44 PM PDT

All that will be left will be geldings, not even bachelor stallions

The BLM finally released their Modified Decision Record for the White Mountain and Little Colorado Herds.  There will be no spaying of mares, but only 177 gelded stallions will be returned, divided between both areas.  The plan is to keep  “minimally reproducing herds.”

Here is the Press Release from the BLM:


At the Statewide Hearing for the Wyoming roundups planned this summer which happened last night, BLM representatives made it clear that although they will not be spaying mares in these two herds, the spaying of mares option will not go away for future roundups of other Wyoming herds.  In other words, they are throwing a bone this time, but their real plan is to sterilize all of the Wyoming herds, and include spaying of mares along with castration of stallions as the method.

This is serious.  This is the plan for the future for all wild horse herds.  We must stop it, or there will be no herds of wild horses left very soon – just geldings.

Please contact your Senators and Congressmen.

The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign has posted a link where you can send a letter to the President to protest this new and horrific BLM policy:



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