Social Security Information

I start back to work on Monday.  My employer has requested an accurate report of work history with dates to the day and salary history…I’ve been working on this using my personal records, tax statements, resumes, etc.  yikes!!  >sigh<

I get the bright idea to use the same system that they will use when verifying the information to confirm my findings (and I know this because of the temp job I held in 2010 when I was verifying their employees information for loans).  One source for this information is and I went there to request an Employment Data Report, which lists an 800 number to request the form which gives you a recording that says to go to the website for a copy of the form…which lists an 800 number (ad finitum).  There is also a post on google regarding the accuracy of their information so I want to make sure I know what they are reporting on me so it doesn’t appear that I am misleading my new employer.   whee!!!!

Here’s a link if your interested in getting your own information:

What I know is that I will be paying the social security administration money to give me the information they have on me.

Word to the wise – if you have to do this, or even if you don’t HAVE to do this.  Start early!!

This is an activity everyone should be up to date on regardless of your age.

All my love!


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