Quick update.
It’s week 9 of Ferrell’s, that’s been consuming a lot of my time for a month. I’ve been busy living instead of writing about living. Sending out soldier letter’s today, had an interview back at my last employer last week. I’d love to et back on there.
Next week is the last – week 10 – of the challenge. It would be great to win the $1000 best change award, I don’t know who all the contestants are and how they’ve all done. Everyone who worked it has made changes, and that’s exciting. I know I’m much stronger. Finished the 15 min warmup Wed and wasn’t even winded yet. We also did 90 push-ups consecutively and later I did 10 push ups off the bag. I feel smaller this week. Overall my confidence has skyrocketed and that goes hand in hand with happiness. Life is so good.
The kids are doing well, finding their place and getting after what it takes to get their dreams. Lucky is still hanging in there, by spirit alone I think. He’s such a good dog! I’ve been listening to the Dave Ramsey series again while I stitch on the blanket. It’s going to be on display for a week at Village Needlework and I have to get an updated photo to post.
Sending all of you angels to watch over you and love to surround you and your families. Be well, my friends.


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