Busy, busy 2 weeks.

Last Saturday I introduced the blanket and process to Iowa City at the Arts Fair and my favorite part of the day was watching everyone coming from the river do a double take as they wandered past the elephant.  Most often heard phrases “WOW”, Wow, did you see this?” (to companions), That’s amazing/incredible/ambitious/beautiful.  Great turn out of 400-ish people, 2 invitations to other festivals, a dozen references to teach and passed out 40-50 business cards.

Health front:  Week 5 testing at Ferrell’s Extreme Body Makeover.  Lost 5 inches and 3 pounds.  In 1 minute I can now do 27 push ups (up from 15) and 17 sit ups (up from 2 due mostly to the pain of a tailbone injury in November when I was thrown off Pete).  YEAH!!

Work:  Still looking for formal employment.  Plenty of jobs in the minimum wage to $9/hour range and the temp agencies seem to expect me to be delighted about it.  With my skill set I am much more valuable than that…the right job will come at exactly the right time in the right field – keep the faith.

I think that’s all I’ve got…there’s a Couch Surfer staying with me for two nights.  She spent most of the day today sleeping in and playing with/watching the horses.  Easy for me!! 

Love you all.  Be well, my friends.


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