Lessons in Pricing

It’s been really interesting pricing this book.  Based on the number of pages, the content, number of patterns, detail, color, B&W, CD copy, digital download…ahhhh!

It’s all good, but I have done more thinking on it and based on what I would be willing to pay for the information received, I have modified it a bit.  My goal with writing was not only to launch the technique of felted cross stitch to the community or to make a little money at it; my primary goal was to provide a good value to anyone who would purchase my work.  I wrote it as if I were teaching a friend how to do it.  This technique is easy and a lot of fun!!  I have no idea why it hasn’t been marketed at this level to date-but I’m thankful that it wasn’t.

I am adding 12-15 more pages to the document this week and two copies are being reviewed by editors, one for content and one for grammar, punctuation and spelling.  The copy currently listed was delivered to satisfy the deadline of February 26 and without establishing that date I would not have gotten this far.  Once these three things are done, no more revisions will be made until the Amazon launch (schedule pending).  After that no more changes will be made to the first edition.  I will consider 2nd and 3rd editions as necessary.  This has been a great learning process.

Without exception everyone it’s been presented to has shown enthusiasm and excitement about this project.  Here are some of the feedback comments I’ve received from friends, colleagues and strangers.

Wow.  This looks great.

You have a great mix of professionalism and practicality.

Very professional.

New pricing effective March 3, 2011

Full Color Digital Download (available only through Scribd) $24.95

Hard copy:  Color cover, B&W pages and Full Color Digital copy on CD (currently listed on Etsy) $28.95

Coming soon:  Full color, soft cover 6X9 (Amazon) $32.95  Following full revamp of original document with a graphic artist.

Whole sale pricing available on the last two with a minimum order quantity three (3).

If you have purchased a copy of the 53 page First Edition, please contact me and I would be happy to provide a copy of the update at no additional charge.

Input welcome!


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