Pseudo Plaid Hats

This was a custom request item from my son who loves purple and has a purple plaid winter fur-lined hat with ear flaps but wanted a knit one for less cold weather.  I made the purple one first as a Christmas gift, then made the lime hat for his friend also on request.  I was working on it during a knit fest and one of the veterans I knit with asked for the pattern…so here we are.

Lime and Black – front and back.

Here is a photo of the purple one.

This pattern has not been tested yet.  I’ll post an update after the 3rd hat and for a more accurate “plaid” pattern.  After making the two I realized this is more of a stair step pattern with each color connecting on the next row.   A link to my scribd account is on the right of the blog.  Happy knitting!

This pattern is available on Scribd for $3.85

View this document on Scribd


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