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My original message: 

Subject: Hey-Rock Star – throw me a howdy will ya?

My eye was twitching all day today…
What’s happening in your little corner of heaven?
I’m sitting here at [friend]’s checking on the house, loving up the cat and looking for jobs, not in that order necessarily and you’ve been on my mind all day!!
The creativity has been moving again recently – I just wish I had the luxury of following its’ wanderings.
My temp job is going ok; getting the feeling that it’s time to move on but no reason why.
I’ll be on awhile tonight looking for men and all that!! 😉
Have a beautiful day – be safe!
All my love
I include her abrupt message to me here because in all likelihood she’s deleted it as well as my sincere response.  The last message I had from you was upbeat and normal, then Tues, Nov 30th I received this one from your account-only a few short days afterward.
“This is [rock stars] girlfriend.  He wont be throwing u no howdy and I would appreciate it if you would stop sending him messages.  No need to reply.  Have a good day and try to keep him off your mind.  Thanks!”
She really doesn’t understand how ingrained you are and have been in my life and I’m wondering about a couple of things
(1) do you know she’s posing as you on-line?
(2) how many of your other female friends has she attempted to scare off?  As we discussed, jealousy stems from insecurity…
My reply:
Blessings to you both.
I do appreciate you letting me know.
He will always have a place in my prayers and you as well.
Congratulations on your “couple” status – it doesn’t change anything about my friendship or commitment to you.  As you know I’ve been asking since Valentine’s Day this year if there was someone in your life…  I will refrain from messaging you at that address out of respect for you, for your mental health in a war zone and for your safety.  I am here for you as always, as promised, wherever you are in the world and cherish your friendship as I have these last few years.  My dear friend I would walk through hell with or for you – that never changed.
I will, however, continue to leave messages here if you choose to read them.  Maybe there are other soldiers out there who will benefit as you have in the time we’ve talked, knowing that I am thinking of all of you and keeping your safety in my heart.
Best Wishes, my friend that she is the love you’ve been seeking.  Happiness always!
Be well and safe – All My Love!
We’ll always have Iraq!  You are never far from my prayers, God Speed.
Your angel on point.
fyi-you can comment here in the blog with total anonymity – I have to approve all new mesages…

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