Travelers or 52 by 50

I recently (last week) hosted three travelers from Couch Surfer ( and was reminded how much I have NOT traveled the last few years.  So I’ve made a decision to see all 50 states, if not 50 countries before I am 50 years old and I’m starting local.

I have been to Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, Maine, Minnesota, Colorado and California (17 down).

That leaves 34 states to visit…

Starting with – wow.  I didn’t think I’d been around that much, still…that leaves me with states that are at least one state away from where I’m at or a considerable drive in either direction.  I need to do some planning, but it looks like I’ll go East before going West again. 

lol – another thought.  I am actually more surprised at how many I’ve been to than I am at the prospect that I am thinking about turning 50.  I have several years to go mind you!



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