Seven Bridges Road again today [sneeze] and still seeing an unusually large number of wolf spiders IN the house!  Most spiders get on with me quite well, but these little fellows need to stay outside….[shiver].  My problem with them is they jump – fast, far and without warning.  Don’t get me wrong here, they are a beneficial insect and I don’t wish them any harm, I’m just not a real big fan of their bites since they always swell to a grossly huge size and take about 3 weeks to heal.  I just found one in my paper recycle bin-sitting there nonchalant on a crumpled piece of paper…it got soaped.  Hasn’t come back up yet but I’m burning today.

It may just be that I’m cleaning out all the hiding areas and that’s why I’m seeing more of them, about 1 a day + other kinds of spiders.  There’s a daddy-long-legs in the corner behind the desk that I just noticed, and another on a photo…grrr.  The massacre continues.

I found a magazine yesterday called The New Pioneer (premier issue).  Very interesting.  Now that I’ve unloaded 100 lbs of books and 1000 lbs of guilt for not having them on display and/or reading them I have time to read through this.  I’ve also stopped all subscriptions, which weren’t many but piled up.  The only one I kept is National Geographic and it’s due for renewal, I got it at $10/year, a price that was scandalously low and I do read it cover to cover and then use the photography to make other things before recycling the paper.

I just posted a bunch of books to send out on their journey and I’m battling some greediness, feelings of protection.  I have quite a few vintage books in various conditions and mostly some of the covers look bad but the inside is in great shape and I’m concerned if I send them out someone will butcher them for crafts and on the same hand I’m wondering if I should hang on to them and use them for crafts myself or just keep them preserved…for crying out loud – I’m not the Library of Congress!!  sheesh

I am following up on phone calls today, submitting resumes and continuing with my giveaway.  I offloaded enough yesterday to fill the back of the truck!  yeah and today will start listing the CD’s after I ask a friend whose really into music if he’s interested in adding them to his collection.

ciao for now!  the day beckons


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