ESA-No Child Left Indoors

I’m a wholehearted supporter of this idea!

The Ecological Society of America at

…but seriously – we had to pass legislation about this.

No Child Left Inside Act Passed the House

Mon, 09/22/2008 – 21:39 — Novem

On Thursday, September 18, the US House of Representative passed the No Child Left Inside Act, H.R. 3036, authored by US Rep John Sarbanes of Maryland. This legislation will “strengthen environmental education experiences for schoolchildren both inside and outside of the nation’s classrooms”.  (link

Learn something new every day!

Today – I got peed on by a toad.  Just doing my part for the environment!  I was relocating it and 2 of its padres after I moved a board.  2 are happy in my tomato bed now, the other found a place by the house.  Toads are spider hunters!!


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