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I’m going through some planner pages and taking a quick look to see if I had any notes of interest to me still…and there were.  So I’m posting them for reference by me – and you if your interested!  ciao!

I also have some notes from Hot, Flat and Crowded.  This was noted on Wed, Jan 14, 2009

Trend 1:  Post 911 – put up more walls and disconnected from the world (talking about the American Embassy in ??).

Shift export and hope to export fears.

Trend is not destiny.

What matters most is how well you walk through the fire.

Trends 2: “Dumb as we want to be politics”. 

Trend 3:  Nationbuilding at home. > exploding with innovators and idealists.


Avoid the unmanageable and manage the unavoidable – sigma zu

There are degrees of screwed.  – Peter Glick, Pacific Institute for Studies in Environment, Development and Security in Oakland

It could be worse, or less worse.

Biodiversity Loss

China/bayje yantzee  (btw – a forbidden site)


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