Joyful Day

Sitting at the desk rocking with Toby Mac this morning.  A couple of times I found it impossible to remain seated and HAD to get up and dance around the living room.  Ponies came up about 7 and have been over in the paddock nibbling on their hay several times.  Jackie is on the desk in front of me, Booda on top of my office stuff to the left, Lucky at my left on the floor-too close to the chair rollers as always.  A short time ago Juice came over and asked to go in my room-he is a little orange dog :).  Peanut has been hanging out in top of the storage area for a week or so.  I think she’s getting beat up and that’s where she can get away.  She comes down for me right away when called.

This morning I harvested the Swiss Chard from my raised bed garden in back of the house.  We ate the first ripe tomato yesterday afternoon-off the vine and into my mouth!!!  The BEST!  There are two more starting to turn and many behind them that are getting light green.

Mary and I have decided to do a craft show in November.  We will have crocheted necklaces, scarves, and book marks available for sale.  I am making sketched note cards, several of my patterns to have printed and available and I plan to work on the blanket and promote the felted cross stitch process with reference to the Blue Elephant project.  OMG it just hit me that November is only 4 months away!!  achh!

I ask for your prayers:  I want to find a job that pays a competitive salary and has a maximum of 36 hours a week with full benefits, travel is ok.  I don’t want to give up the creative freedom I am discovering and developing but can’t afford to not work (yet).    Thanks all!! Good day.


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