roflmao!!!  Pinching me today.  Jumping at my hands and when I picked her up she pinched my chin (ow).  Yesterday afternoon she was ripping through the yard and she was biting at my jeans as I walked…well, she zigged and I zagged, got caught under my foot and I stepped on her right front paw.  She yelped for a minute or so while I felt her leg to see if there was any damage, full range of motion, no intense pain reactions.  I rubbed her a bit and cuddled her.  When I put her down she favored it for a short time and went right back to playing-much more respectful of my feet though.  Scared me for a minute (where did I put that phone number???).  She’s fine.

This morning she is ripping and racing and causing hell in the house.

She’s been itching so I stopped yesterday to see if there was a flea shampoo I could use but they only go down to puppies over 8 weeks old.  I bought a puppy shampoo and gave her a bath last night.  She did ok…typical for a baby tried to climb me to get out of the water, etc.  Cuddled her up, dried her off and she was soft and smelled good and wasn’t itching as much.

Woke me up once to pee and slept until about 7:30.  We just went out to get the horses and Lucky was urinating and she ran right under him and he peed on her head (twice).  She jumped the first time and ran right back under him again.  lol ugh!  She ran under the fence and considered what had just happened then came back over to us.  As we were leaving the paddock area she found a fresh pile of horse poo and claimed one of the balls as her own.  I told her “leave it” and she grudgingly put it down and ran happy! happy! all the way down the hill next to me grabbing her lead rope and running back and forth to Lucky.

The horses headed up the hill and happy, happy we came back up too, playing tug all the way and waiting for Lucky.  He needs a bath and I’d already decided to give him one today anyhow…

When we got to the barn Cisco was out front and Lucky wanted to greet him, she ran pel mel from next to me and ripping and racing chased Cisco back into the barn discovering a whole new universe in the sand.  In the process the sand stuck all over her from being wet from the dew, then she found a rock in the lyme pile (leave it!), and back through the horse poo, into the dirt, back to the grass…suffice it to say-she’s filthy and getting another bath today!  Right now she’s in the pet room wrestling with a food bag-those are SO MUCH FUN!!



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