Oracle Paul and PETA

Found this article and video’s amusing this morning.  RD version is that this octopus has been predicting the winners of the world cup.  Appears that he is living in an aquarium where he has a veterinarian/fish doc at his disposal, gets 3 squares and amuses passersby as he lives his octopus life.  Pretty cushy gig for a sea creature.


But wait, there’s more!!  PETA has now taken up his cause to have him released to the sea for whatever reasoning they use…I say now to all the PETAists out there – knock it off.  If you want to protest FOR ethical treatment of animals, put your own ego’s in the backseat and stop using articles like this for self promotion.  If Paul were out in the wild he would have to fight for a territory and a mate and be wary of every shadow that passes by.  In his current environment, he has become a spokesman for sea creatures that MAY in fact result in increased awareness and interest by the world’s next groundbreaking scientist or activist.  He appears to be getting  treated very well in a clean and safe environment.  After all, his “predictions” get him a tasty fishy nugget and from the video he clearly salivates over it, I see he’s booking across the containment as the flag tanks are lowered into his home.

I support ethical treatment of animals and I am a omnivore.  Put your efforts into preventing cruelty and bringing more awareness of responsible pet/animal ownership where you might actually make a difference to untold numbers of the earth’s creatures.  I believe that wild animals should not be kept as “house pets” and that zoo’s and aquariums are an excellent medium for us to learn about and promote the amazing diversity of earth.  I am also pro-euthanization. 

We [humans] claim to be the more intelligent species…with priviledge comes responsibility.


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