Hey! Hay.

Thanks to my son and my second son Josh we got all the hay in and stacked.  We had a very nice evening too with a fire in the pit, pizza, s’mores and riding the horses in the dark.  I’m bushed and need a foot rub.

I almost have the box ready for my newest soldier.  Missing my friend as always.  If it wasn’t the real deal why is there still a gap in my heart.  I’ve loved purely and deeply and I’ve been loved in life.  I’m beginning to give up on finding the love my grandparents shared-maybe it’s just not for my life to have that commitment.  Maybe it’s just so rare that finding it is just going to take a lifetime.  It’s simple though.  Find someone who loves you as much as you love yourself and give them that dedication in return.  There are just a lot of very self-centered people out there.  I have to ask am I one of them?


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