Crazy Night

There is no failure in running, or in life, as long as you keep moving.
Amby Burfoot, Runner’s World Editor At Large

Crazy dreams last night.  Someone was listing for me all the transgressions I ever performed in the duties of every job I’ve ever held.  I must have been sleeping very deeply to remember.  The other thing I remember is that my head kept slipping off my new pillow case.  Rather my pillow kept falling onto the headboard of the bed out from under my head.  I had to go back to the cotton one to keep it under me.  The sheets are so soft-but they do slide around like I”m oiled.  Sleeping is more of an olympic event now-test of how much I’m tossing and turning.

My body still aches from recovering my muscles and I just talked to the hay man – our 200 bales ordered will be here this afternoon!!! ACH  I wasn’t expecting them until Friday.  I have a memorial to attend at 2pm but I have to get the hay area finished before he gets here!!  Holy smokes!  I don’t have the ceiling sealed yet and there is stuff piled up out there that needs to be taken care of and I still need to move about 10 wheelbarrows of lyme into the 2nd section.  That’s what procrastination gets yous.  I’m out(side) asap!  cheers


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