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Here is the pair of socks I started for Socks For Soldiers before being corrected on the brand (Sockatta) which is not acceptable to the group.  This was a while ago, I’ve turned the need now.

The lace pattern was from their website and it was interesting and fairly simple to do.  I have a different book I’m using on a pair for myself Sensational Knitted Socks.  There are so many great patterns in there I may have to buy a copy (this one is borrowed).  I’ll finish the ones above for a friend who has larger feet – and one soldier somewhere will have to wait for theirs.  I do have a replacement pair started along with the 5 other pair I have cast on right now.  I’ve found this organization’s rules to be confusing and indirect.  A worthy cause, just not sure one I will dedicate to or not like I have Adopt A Platoon ( 

I recently received my 14th soldier for support and I keep in touch with one who has returned occasionally. 

There is a lovely summer breeze blowing through the windows tonight and I am preparing to retire to my sanctuary with my knitting.  The kids are home and the music is on at a reasonable level.  All’s right with the world.

Love you all!


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