The Big Idea

This calculation is stuck in my mind today:

Based on the scientific calculations presented in the National Geographic.

Is global warming real?

The Big Idea…Do the math. 450 ppm(estimated max)-385 ppm(current level)/4.1 ppm(increase per year) = 15.85 years left to test the theory. Yes, that’s OUR lifetime. I wish every person on earth would get this in their heart.

Better question:  How much time is there left to debate the validity of the theory before we don’t have any power to make a difference in the outcome?

If we take action and nothing happens we’ll never know if we changed the outcome.  We will know if the ppm begins to decrease back to manageable and historically measured levels.

If we fail to take action and the tub overflows devastation and destruction that hasn’t been experienced in millions of years will happen.  So let’s keep giving the talking heads fodder for debate while we continue using fossil (instead of renewable) energy to power our lives.  And let’s keep sending people overseas to die over it on our behalf.  k?

Link for a visual


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