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courage to change the person I can, and the wisdom to know that it’s me.”
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Adventures of an Air BnB host

I’m done hosting on Air BnB, by the way. I gave it a good run. I live on a farm and have hosted travelers for a decade. The good majority of people who I’ve hosted are friendly, happy and thankful to have a safe, friendly place to stay. I’ve hosted for several months and the first wave were great people. A couple comments about “could be cleaner”, agreed, so I increased my efforts. I’m loving how clean my house is now by the way and maybe that was the lesson for me.

There is a change in attitude when you are “paying” for a room.  I did my best to meet the criteria, it’s just not worth it to me to open my home to people who see only what’s wrong with the property and have no gratitude for what’s right.

This is a bunk house, on a farm, with livestock AND FLIES.  The flies get in the house, every time you open the door.  We have fly swatters readily available for use.  These people want to be pampered and catered to for a pitance.  I finally lowered my nightly rate to $18+ (cleaning fee, tax, Air BnB fee, etc) and still someone came in and went right back out the revolving door.  Do you know how many hours it takes me to clean this space? 4-8 hours to prepare for 1 stay.  Vacum, beds, windows, mirrors, porch, shared spaces, parking, yard etc.  For $18 and the priviledge of seeing someone make a snarky expression because there are flies in the house.  No thank you.  I’m out.

Give me the weary travelers from Couch Surfing, Warm Showers, Work Away, Wwoof, Global Freeloaders and like minded communities.  I offer you a warm, safe bed, a private/shared room (depending on who is here), a hot shower, washing facilities for your clothes, indoor storage for your bikes and trailers, a firepit and wide open skies that can be viewed inside or out.  Share a meal with me, share your stories and I’ll share mine.  I offer you laughter, love and acceptance as we walk this road together even if just for a day.

I digress.  I’ts 8:40 am and I have done nothing but feel deflated today.  I have calls to make and a

I have a business to run.  I’ve had breakfast and coffee and it is a Blessed Day.  I know this because today I woke up and said “Good morning, God.  What will we do today?”

Hope to start writing more again, maybe from the road.  Most of the next 2 weeks I’m off work.  I’ll be riding and cleaning and planning and following through with my plans.  I think that’s it.

Love you all.

Spanky Challenge – update

WOW, Skipped the whole month of July. Hank was sick with Shipping Fever and that took 2 weeks for him to feel better, then peak started at work for me so I had little time in the mornings to do what I had to do. Between hosting, cleaning for hosting, work and travel. A week ago Thursday as I was bringing him in he banged his hip on the side of the door and was lame for a week, more travel for me and now I think we are both back and ready to resume. So we begin week 9.

Total Week 4 6 2
Tue Jun 28 5 1 29 Worked tons of overtime this week, Hank got a 2nd week to recoup.
Wed Jun 29 2 30
Thu Jun 30 3 31
Fri Jul 1 4 32
Sat Jul 2 5 33 45 1 Evening ride with Sheryl around the bean field nd back
Sun Jul 3 6 34
Mon Jul 4 7 35 45 1 Rode in pasture, working on leaving buddies and focusing on what we’re doing.  Used a neck rope and rode a lot with the reins on his neck, no contact with mouth, only seat and body cues.  It was more or less successful.
Total Week 5 1.5 0
Tue Jul 5 6 1 36 45 1 Same some more.
Wed Jul 6 2 37
Thu Jul 7 3 38
Fri Jul 8 4 39
Sat Jul 9 5 40
Sun Jul 10 6 41
Mon Jul 11 7 42
Total Week 6 0.75 0
Tue Jul 12 7 1 43
Wed Jul 13 2 44
Thu Jul 14 3 45 Hank banged his hip on the house coming in to get saddled for a ride and is limping.  Contemplating if he needs to see Charles.  I’ll give it a day or two and watch for improvement.
Fri Jul 15 4 46
Sat Jul 16 5 47  He seems to be improving slowly.  Time, rest and Essential Oils…
Sun Jul 17 6 48
Mon Jul 18 7 49
Total Week 7 0 0
Tue Jul 19 8 1 50  Overtime Work
Wed Jul 20 2 51
Thu Jul 21 3 52
Fri Jul 22 4 53
Sat Jul 23 5 54
Sun Jul 24 6 55
Mon Jul 25 7 56
Total Week 8 0 0
Tue Jul 26 9 1 57
Wed Jul 27 2 58
Thu Jul 28 3 59
Fri Jul 29 4 60
Sat Jul 30 5 61
Sun Jul 31 6 62
Mon Aug 1 7 63  Horses broke through a gate and went on a merry romp around the back 40 pasture and over the creek.  Glad to see Hank galloping and trotting after his buddies.


Spanky Challenge – Week 4

Already week 4, that snuck up on me!

Tue Jun 21 4 1 22 180 1 11787 Hank and I rode around the perimeter of the bean field and back.
Wed Jun 22 2 23
Thu Jun 23 3 24
Fri Jun 24 4 25
Sat Jun 25 5 26
Sun Jun 26 6 27
Mon Jun 27 7 28
Total Week 4 3 1

Spanky Challenge – Week 3

Week 3 – blew right by me.  I’ve added steps from my pedometer – really shows the days I ride!

Tue Jun 14 3 1 15 60 6234 I’m really slacking this week…
Wed Jun 15 2 16 60 8679
Thu Jun 16 3 17 240 1 19063 Hank and I rode out on our own on the trails, along the road and through the bean field.
Fri Jun 17 4 18 60 0 5890 >90 Too hot to ride.
Sat Jun 18 5 19 30 0 3790 Event in Mechanicsville
Sun Jun 19 6 20 60 0 10758 Business…
Mon Jun 20 7 21 45 0 5210
Total Week 3 9.25 1 59624

Spanky Challenge – Week 2

Here’s the chart. My weeks start on Tuesdays.

Tue Jun 7 2 1 8 180 0 5596 Worked with Sharon’s horses and Hank got front shoes.
Wed Jun 8 2 9 0 0 5118 Oncology appointment and lunch with Sharon
Thu Jun 9 3 10 180 1 19043 First trail ride with Sheryl, Erin and Ozzy. 17,044 steps for me!
Fri Jun 10 4 11 360 1 11462 Trail ride with Erin to East Post Road via North trail.
Sat Jun 11 5 12 30 1 First ride in the Parelli bareback pad.  LOVE IT!  Just had a halter on Hank and he was busy calling to his pals.  Cut the ride short because I had to get to work and put him in the barn for 15 min after the ride before taking him back out.   He didn’t misbehave – looked after me, but wasn’t listening very well.
Sun Jun 12 6 13 0 0
Mon Jun 13 7 14 0 0 1682
Total Week 2 12.5 3 1682

8 Week Total Body Makeover

Now I’m motivated – joined this online.

I was mildly mortified seeing the fat person on my new horse, the least I can do is get stronger so he is confident enough to carry me at a canter without thinking I’m going to topple off.

Spanky Challenge

The challenge: 12 Weeks, 40 horsemanship hours, 30 rides.

Week 1

Horsemanship Challenge
Horsemanship Riding
Date Week Day Days 40 Hours 30 Rides Notes
30-May Sheryl and I picked Spanky (Hank) up in Elgin and brought him home.
Tue May 31 1 1 1  1.75  1 Rescuing Autumn from being tied to the tree.  First ride, Hank is stiff and he rides western, while I ride English – we’re working on it.  Short ride with no reins, eyes closed.  Small spooks.  He is suspicious of the Parelli ball, so we’ll do some ground work.  He likes to be in your space, we’ll work on that too.
Wed Jun 1 2 2  2.5 hours  1  2nd ride. A little more awkward than yesterday as no one was holding Spanking at the mounting stump. We worked around it 10-15 minutes until he figured out what I was asking and I got my nerves under control. Foot in the stirrup, half way on and he walked off, then the saddle slid off from my weight. He stopped and looked at me, I got us straightened out, saddle off and back on. Finally mounted and we did better today. More loose rein and some no rein, hands out at a walk, some trotting. Erin came out and took him for a little ride, trimmed his feet. He got an apple, grooming and loved on. A good 2nd day overall.
Thu Jun 2 3 3  2.46  0  Ponies had a spa day.  Autumn stopped chasing Spanky and all 3 have been building a herd foundation today.  At together; Autumn won’t let him in the shelter yet, but she isn’t chasing him at all.
Fri Jun 3 4 4  2  0  Spa day for the horses
Sat Jun 4 5 5  0  0  Oncology appointment and errands all day.
Sun Jun 5 6 6  2  1  Short ride, Izzy bandages on leg, Brave needed meds.  Teaching a WWOOFer (guest) about horsemanship.
Mon Jun 6 7 7  0.45  1  Rode Flashy in the pasture and Sheryl rode Hank.  First time with a bridle here.  Used her Parelli bridle with the sweet iron bit.
Total Week 1 10.75 5  Nice end to week 1.

Tuesday May 31, 9:05 pm  It’s pouring rain tonight.  The boys are out in the pasture, Autumn is in the dry lot.  Spanky is smitten with her.  It’s pouring but they are healthy adult horses, a little water won’t harm them.  Thinking of our ride this afternoon, feeling grateful and looking forward to tomorrows ride.  Erin is coming out to trim so maybe just some ground work.  It will be a “horsemanship day” and some grooming.  I need to apply the oils again.  He has such a lovely, smooth trot and his canter ain’t half bad either!  sigh  I heard someone walking by the house tonight yell at someone else “Did you see Deveri’s new horse?  He’s gorgeous!”  Yes, he is.

Thursday June 2   The horses got a spa day today. Essential Oil treatment and massages. I let Autumn out to mow the yard and give her some extra hugs. They are all together in both pastures and it’s been very quiet. I’m adding Rose Hips to Pete’s diet after reading a number of articles on the health benefits. I have powdered, ground and whole. He snacked on 5 whole ones this morning and seemed to enjoy them. Here’s the article that I found interesting (and yes, I did see the cautions about sugar content and diarrhea on other articles so I am starting slow). Hank didn’t care to try them but I’ll add a tiny bit to his grain and watch for any health response.Charles Abraham will be here tomorrow for health check and spring shots; 2 of the foals are not feeling good. Izzy has tore up her right front leg pulling it through something and Brave is colicky. We’ve ramped up the DigestZen for him and treated a puncture on his shoulder but his coat is dull and he’s really cranky about touching his belly

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